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Why you should stop dotting your Email addresses?

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When creating a new email address, many users use special characters such as a period (.) To separate first and last names. However, the detail may not make a difference in services like Gmail. Google’s platform has for years considered dotted or unmatched addresses as long as the sequence of letters and numbers is the same at www sbcglobal net.

Upon registration, all options containing the character are blocked for new users, making it all one account. Everything indicates that the rule is a method to avoid confusion among users, as the strategy does not imply the code behind email or the security of profiles.

According to Google support, dot usage does not matter for personal accounts, which end with “”. In this case, for example, the addresses “”, “” and “” have no difference in the platform and any email sent to one of these dummy options would arrive in the same inbox.

Underline (underscore) and hyphen

The same process does not happen with other special characters such as underline (_) and hyphen (-), which differentiate addresses in any service that enables registration with symbols. Also, among the most popular platforms, only Gmail follows the rule. Yahoo Mail, (formerly Hotmail) and iCloud consider the points in emails.

Given that Google’s service is relatively newer than its major competitors, launching in 2004, several factors can be considered for the exception. In addition to the risk of the character going unnoticed on smaller screens, which can cause confusion among users during messaging, the strategy may have been adopted to reduce the number of fake emails that literally have only one point of view.


Even if more email services consider the point of their dismissal, the use of the character may be waived before creating a new account if it is in Gmail (most popular). With less detail, the address is easier to store and still avoids doubts when sending a message in sbc mail.

And on social networks?

In addition to Gmail, another platform that ignores the use of dot is Facebook. When choosing a username for your profile and timeline, social networking does not differ from the special character. According to the Help Center, “points and capitalization do not count as part of a username. For example joaosilva55, Joao.Silva55 and joao.silva.55 are all considered the same username.”

In Twitter, the use of points in username is prohibited, but it is possible to use underline. Already on Pinterest only letters and numbers are released. On Instagram and Snapchat the point matters and can differentiate accounts. Stay tuned for changes to the addresses used.

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