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How to Retrieve Hacked SBCGlobal Email Account?

sbcglobal Email Login

Try to think of a scenario where you happen to have a free SBCGlobal email account you may have been using for the longest while. It is only natural that it could have become an essential part of your everyday schedule with time. Now imagine how you would feel if you are suddenly unable to log in to your account, especially if it is hacked? It would be definitely scary. And as unfortunate as it may be, the situation is not an imaginary one. There are a significant number of users who may have experienced the same when their accounts may have been hacked in the past.

But that’s nothing to worry about as every problem comes with its set of solutions, and this one is no exception at all. Similar to that, there is a way to recover a case of hacked SBCGlobal email account. However, before proceeding with any of that, it will require you to know and understand the ‘signs of a compromised or hacked account and how an account has been account.’ This will help you deal with the given matter more sensibly with a very high degree of effectiveness. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Signs of Hacked Account 

If you think that hacking means only “you are no longer able to gain access to your account,” then you are profoundly mistaken. In many cases, you will see that the fraudsters and hackers do plenty of things just so that they do not let their victims get to know that their accounts and personal information stand compromised or, in worst-case scenarios, hacked. However, thankfully, there are some signs to ascertain such kinds of suspicious activities to know if your SBCGlobal account has been hacked or not. Some of them have been given below:

1. Unexpected Password Reset Emails: 

It is one of the most common things which you will see. Sometimes, you will see that without your request, you will receive a password reset email. Therefore, you must keep an eye on such kinds of suspicious emails. If you see something like this happening, you should immediately secure your account with a much more secure password and harder to guess.

2. Strange Mails In Your Sent Folder: 

There will be some scenarios where the hackers will try to play it smart with you and not try to change your credentials or your account password. This is why most probably, you would not even find anything that would be wrong or unusual. However, if you are faced with something like this, you would be able to determine the unusual activity by taking a closer look at your sent email folder. By chance, if you find an email that you do not recall sending to someone, then that would simply mean that someone else has also got access to your account and may be using it without your knowledge.

3. Some unusual inbox activities or complaints from contacts: 

You may have to encounter this situation if you start receiving complaints from your contacts. Their chief concern would be about receiving strange emails from you. If this happens, then that definitely means that your account is compromised because this occurs only when a potential hacker uses your mailbox inbox to send phishing and spam emails to your contacts.

4. Unusual IP addresses: 

Some email addresses will let you use a tool to help you see the last five login activities. Along with that, it will also show you the IP address which you may have used. This is pretty similar to how a person would get access to your account, and then their IP address would also get recorded. So if you suspect a similar scenario is happening with you, you should check it for confirmation. And in case you do not recognize the IP address, then you will know for sure that someone would be tampering with your email account.

5. Cannot Log-In:

Last but not least, if you face this issue, then it could be the most painful of all. An obvious case of account tampering is when you would not log into your own account. This is because the hackers notoriously change the accounts’ password, which prevents you or any other account holder from logging in and then taking control of the accounts. If this happens with you, then without any further delay, you should take immediate steps to initiate the password recovery process.

Recovering A Hacked SBCGlobal Email Account

It is very much possible to recover a hacked account. You can do this by resetting your password for the SBCGlobal email account. And for doing this, there are not one but two methods. You could choose the one which suits you the best so that you can recover your hacked email account without any hassles.

Method 1: When you are unable to do the sign-in: 

Here also, you have two options to recover your hacked account. They are as given:

Way 1. Using alternate recovery email addresses or contact number 

1. Firstly, you’ll need to open up the ‘SBCGlobal sign-in page’ with your internet browser’s help. After that, you will need to enter the correct user ID and then click on the ‘Forgot password.’ You’ll find this option located right below the blank password text field.

2. In the next step, you’ll be directed towards the new window. There you will be required to select either the ‘Send me a code via recovery email’ or ‘Send me a code via recovery phone number.’ You would have to choose one option out of the two from the available recovery options.

3. When you are done, you will then need to receive a verification code. This will be to help you reset the SBCGlobal email account password. For this, you will have to provide an alternate email id or phone number.

4. If you receive the code either on your recovery mail or on your given contact number, then you will have to copy it. Once you have completed the copying, you will need to enter it on the recovery page of the SBCGlobal email.

5. Doing this step will help you to get directed to the page where it would be possible for you to reset your password easily.

6. Finally, after completing the previous step of the action, you will have to go back to the login page. Then, again enter the email address and the password you would have created newly to gain access back to the SBCGlobal email account.

Way 2. Use Security Question: 

1. If you are a user of the Google search engine, then all you will need to do is just open the ‘SBC Global find your password page.’ There, you will need to enter all the needed information on that page. This should include your email ID and name, and then once you are done, you should tick the checkbox. Afterward, press on the ‘Continue.’

2. Then, on the next page, you will need to select the ‘Security question’ as the recovery option.

3. Soon after, you will see the security question with the correct answer, which you would have provided when the sign-up appears. At that time, press “Continue.”

4. After the SBCGlobal verifies your answer, you will get directed to a page. It is here that you will be able to reset the password of your SBCGlobal account.

5. Now, you will need to type a new password and re-enter it. After you have done this step, you will have to click on the ‘Continue’ to go ahead to complete the process.

5. When you are done, you’ll have to wait till you get a message. This notification would be from the SBCGlobal email service. It will read as “your password has been reset successfully.”

6. That is all! You will now be able to log in to your SBCGlobal email account by using your email ID address and the newly created password.

Method 2. When you would be able to sign in:

1. First things first, you’ll have to open the ‘’ web page. After that, you’ll have to click on the ‘mail icon.’ You will find it at the top-right corner of the screen. This will help you to log in to your SBC Global email account.

2. When you get directed to the sign-in page, you will have to open your email account/sign-in. Again, remember that you will have to do this with the correct login credentials.

3. Once you are done with the login and you are logged in, from the left corner of your screen, you will have to click on the option of ‘Hi, your first name.’ This will have to be done if you wish to open the ‘Yahoo account Info’ option.

4. After that, you’ll have to click on the ‘Manage passwords and account security so that you can direct yourself to the ‘AT&T online management page/ OLAM page.

5. You will see that you will need to sign in again on the OLAM page with the help of your login credentials.

6. This will take you to a new page. Here, you would easily change or create a new password, which will be more secure than the last one.

Avoid Hacking In The Future

1. Regular Changing of Passwords:

Some options can always prove to be helpful to you if you wish to recover a hacked account. But the thing is that why would you want to wait in the first place? Especially when you could quickly secure your account from all kinds of possible security threats taking place online in advance? If you go by the security essentials, you know that you could secure your SBCGlobal accounts in advance. You will just need to keep changing your passwords at a regular interval of 30, 60, and 90 days. Also, you will need to remember that you will always have to sign out from all the unrecognized areas and other devices.

2. Securing Your Device: 

Apart from all that has been mentioned above, you will also need to secure your online accounts and protect your devices alike. These can be the computer you may use to access your email accounts, laptop to work, or even your smartphone against all types of viruses. This is very important as the bugs can steal your stored data, which may also include your online account passwords and any other personal information. Thus, if you wish to do this, then you would have to

– Install anti-malware software. This will help you greatly to find any kind of possible malware on your computer. You would also be able to remove them at the same time.

– Also, you should update your operating system timely with all the latest security updates.

– Lastly, you would keep on scanning your computer. We would suggest you do this with a reliable anti-virus software program.

3. Check Email Settings: 

To be able to review and check the below-mentioned settings of your SBCGlobal email account, you will need to click on the ‘Gear like icon.’ This will be located in your ‘Settings’ option.

Accounts: Selecting the ‘Edit’ option, you will be able to check all your account details for any kind of unknown account or incorrect information.

Email Signature: You will need to check if there has been any change, and if you find that there has been a change, then you will need to undo it then and there.

Contacts Settings: Your contact list is something that you should regularly change. If you find an unknown contact on your list, you should remove it without any further delay.

Security Question: Just as important as the rest, you should check your security question as well. This should be done by you irrespective if you have changed the security question in the past or not. We will also recommend you to update your security question sometimes for an added security measure. And to answer the security question to access the SBCGlobal email account, you can even enable the option to answer the security question too.


Thus, by now, we hope that to protect your online accounts, you must have learned all the signs of unethical and suspicious activities that may happen in your SGCGlobal Email Login and Att.Net Email. Therefore, you should take all the necessary steps to cater to all the issues you will find related to such activities. We hope you will use the methods mentioned above to gain complete access to your account. On the same note, we will remind you to practice a good security regimen so that you can avert any future hacking attempts on your account. We wish you the Best of luck!

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