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Using Yahoo Email In Outlook Mail In Windows 10

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With the Yahoo email app for Windows 10 closed down some time ago, many people were concerned as to how they will access their email on Windows 10. If you too have this concern, then you should read the post in detail, as the solution to this problem is going to be explained today.

Yahoo Mail closes its official Windows 10 application, but operating system users don’t have to be out of their messages. Just sync your email address into the standard Microsoft platform app. The user will be able to view and respond to their conversations as well as customize account synchronization and use features such as signing and quick actions as usual. Users can sync their emails with MS Outlook mail, the most popular email client. This email client has a very user-friendly interface and features, which intrigues users towards itself. If you want to access your Yahoo email on your Windows computer, then you will have to sync the email with MS Outlook, as there is no other option.

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How to sync Yahoo in Outlook Mail?

Step 1: On the email application home screen, click the gear button to open the settings.

Step 2: In the tab that opens, select “Manage Accounts”.

Step 3: Tap “Add Accounts”.

Step 4: In the small window, select “Yahoo”.

Step 5: The application will open the Yahoo login screen, proceed normally by entering your email address and password.

Step 6: After login, Yahoo will ask if you want to grant access to the email application. Click on “Agree”.

Step 7: Windows will ask if you want the system to save the password to use it for new logins. Choose the option you prefer.

Step 8: The email application will confirm the addition. Click on ‘Done’ and wait for everything to sync.

Step 9: To see your Yahoo Inbox, just tap on your email address below the “Accounts” tab in the sidebar.

Step 10: To name your account, add a signature, or customize your email sync, simply go to the app settings and select your Yahoo account before applying changes.

Ready! You now know how to sync your Yahoo email in the Windows 10 email app. Try these steps and you will be able to access your Yahoo email on MS Outlook platform without any issue. However, if you encounter any problem at the time of configuring the email or while sending/receiving emails, then you should get in touch with email help and support providers. Let experts assist you with the process of configuring Yahoo email with Outlook because they have been doing it for the past many years.

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