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How To: Open PDF File Email Attachment & Send Zip Files In Email?

Opening a PDF file Email Attachment

Portable Document Format Adobe (PDF) is the preferred method for the distribution of documents online because the files are not editable and therefore the work of the author will remain the same. PDF files are commonly distributed by email. If you receive an email with a PDF attachment, there are a few ways to open the document to read. The method for opening a PDF document depends on which email client or program you are using if the process is essentially similar. The Gmail mail service is slightly different, however, because it uses its Google Docs feature, allowing you to view the PDF file without downloading it.


  1. Open your email client or site on the web.
  2. Connect as you would normally and locate the email that contains the PDF attachment. Some e-mail clients or websites use a paperclip icon to distinguish emails with attachments. Click or double-click on the email to open it.
  3. Find where the e-mail attachments section is loaded and then find the name of the PDF file.
  4. Right-click on the file and click “Save As” or “Save Target As.” (The label may vary depending on email client.) If you use Gmail service from Google, you can click “Open as Google document “to open the document in Google Docs, without having to download it (otherwise, click” Download “).
  5. Double-click the file once it has been saved to your computer, and the file is open in Adobe Reader if you are on a PC or in the preview if you are on a Mac.

Attaching a Zip file to an Email

While you can attach the files as they are, but they are zipped in order to reduce their size, so that it is easier for the users to send those. Combining a zip file is common during a utility because email services don’t allow sending or receiving very large files – and this is not a difficult process.

Email Preparation Instructions

  1. The first step is to prepare a zip file, which involves transferring the files and folders that you wish to send to a zip folder or any other place of your choice. Keep in mind the location/folder you have chosen for the zipped files.
  2. Log in to your email service by launching your internet browser or email client. It doesn’t matter which email you are using, the process works for all. Now, you will have to create a message on your mailbox and type the email address of the recipient. For example, click ‘write a message’ option in Gmail or ‘new’ in Hotmail.
  3. Attach the files and send the email. For that, you need to click the attachment button or the paperclip icon, depending on which email program you are using. Clicking on this button opens the “Select Files” box. Now, you will have to find the zip file you have made. To select the files, click them once followed by clicking the label “Open” in order to attach the file to your e-mail. Now, just double-click on the file once you have found that, to attach it. Drag the mouse pointer over the ‘Send’ option followed by clicking ‘OK’. The recipient will receive an e-mail with the attached file.

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