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What Impact Unmerging Of AT&T And Yahoo Email Accounts Has Put On The Users?

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With the unmerging of AT&T and Yahoo email, it is quite obvious that users who were using both email services on a single email platform will face issues. The reason why both email platforms decided to part ways is due to the lack of security. Now, both companies believe that they will be able to provide better security features to their customers. But, what about those users who don’t know whether their email accounts are valid and working. They will have a tough time sorting this matter. Let us find out some of the questions that they are asking on various online channels.

This blog post contains some of the most common questions that people want an answer for.

Question: Will I be able to check my emails in an email app like MS Outlook?

Answer: You will have to set up both email accounts separately in the email application that you want to use. There won’t be any issue in receiving emails and syncing contacts/calendars from either of email accounts. I’m assuming here that you know the process of configuring email accounts in MS Outlook. If you don’t, then you can take help of experts who know this process.

Question: What if I can’t remember my Yahoo email address or AT&T email address?

  1. Go to your profile. For Yahoo email, go to its profile and similarly for AT&T email.
  2. Try to sign into your email account using the right password. If both accounts were merged before, then I guess both email accounts will be opened with the single password.
  3. After you sign into your account, you will be presented with your Yahoo email or AT&T email address. You will have to make a note of this information, as this will come in very handy in the steps that follow.

Question: What if I can’t remember my AT&T email or Yahoo email address?

Answer: You can go to AT&T help or Yahoo help page if you are facing issues with AT&T email or Yahoo email respectively. Fill in the information that is requested from you, and you will be able to get your email details.

Question: What if I am not able to remember the password to my merged email account?

Answer: You need to click ‘forgot password’ in order to retrieve your password. You will have to go to the pages corresponding to your email accounts in order to get the password back. You can change the passwords if you want.

Question: What’s going to happen if my merged email accounts have subaccounts?

  1. When this happens, your AT&T email accounts along with all subaccounts that were previously merged with Yahoo email account are going to get unmerged.
  2. If you are using a subaccount instead of the primary account, and are facing issues with your email, then you will have to get in touch with the owner of your email account. They only will be able to help you with the process of retrieval of your email account.
  3. All the data that was present in your subaccount will remain as it is in your Yahoo email address.
  4. All Yahoo email accounts that were previously merged with AT&T email accounts will be unmerged now, and there won’t be any affiliation of any kind whatsoever, which also include all subaccounts.
  5. The relationship between the account owner and subaccount users of AT&T email accounts will remain intact.

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