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How to fix SBCGlobal Mail problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

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In order to configure an SBCGlobal mail on your Note 2, you know that it is required to have an account on said email provider or internet provider. If you have registered yourself on email provider, then only you will be able to enter the username and password for your account on Note 2. All incoming, as well as outgoing mail server settings, are required to complete the setup process. If you have all these things in your hand, then you can go forward and configure mail on Note 2. However, there are some people who are getting the problem in using the mail on Galaxy Note 2.

Today, we are going to share some problems encountered by owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on their email account along with troubleshooting tips.

Problem 1: Cannot set up mail: If you are facing problem in setting up mail on your Note 2, then check the network connection. If it is Ok, then the issue can be due to incorrect settings of account, active airplane mode or outdated device software version. If you are entering a wrong password or username, then it may result in setup problem. If you have installed Microsoft Active Sync, then it may or may not be supported by mail service.

Basic steps for troubleshooting

  1. Try login to the account from your computer to check that there are no outage or service issues with the mail service provider.
  2. Check the service provider account status whether it is good or not. You need to also check the subscribed plan.
  3. If you are getting two to three signal bars, then it is more than enough.
  4. If you are facing the problem in a particular area, then check the area coverage of your service provider and confirm the same to them.
  5. If you have not updated the device software from long, then check the software updates if available online. You must upgrade the software to the latest
  6. You need to contact sbc global mail service provider to ensure that you are configuring the correct settings for POP3 or IMAP Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.
  7. Sometimes, you may require to enable POP3 on your account to avoid any problem in setting up of the email


  • Perform soft resetting of the device. This will re-establish the connection with the network.
  • For this, you need to remove the battery from the device and restart it after inserting the battery again.
  • Allow some time to the device to connect to the network.
  • Now, connect your Galaxy Note 2 to the mobile data and try accessing the mail through the browser.
  • Open Apps Menu and click on ‘internet or apps’. You will find chrome here. Click on it to go further. Open any URL and check if the network is working or not.
  • If you find the problem, then connect to the Wi-Fi

If you are getting any error message on the screen, then it means something went wrong with your account information. Don’t forget to validate the credentials before entering in the login screen.

If accessible, open webmail from your computer and try login using the username and password you use earlier. If you encounter a problem with login, then contact email service provider immediately and verify your login details through them.  If you are able to log in through webmail, then try login to the account from your galaxy note 2.

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