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How to easily set up 2-step verification on your SBCGlobal email account?

SBC Global Webmail

2-Step verification feature is available on almost every email service in order to avoid unnecessary login from an unauthorized person. If you want to protect your account, then you must enable this feature from settings.

SBCGlobal email has always been the first choice of users due to features like ‘Easy user-interface’, more storage space, and easily sync and SBC internet service. The process of accessing the SBCGlobal email account goes in the following way: First of all, you need to create an account on SBC, after this Sign-in to the account from the smart device or from the computer. You can now start accessing the email either from or directly from SBCGlobal page. If you find any problem in creating an account, you can click on the respective link.

Alike other email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Roadrunner, Southwestern Bell Company (SBC) also need to be protected from unauthorized users or hackers. For this, there is a 2-step verification feature available on it, which you can configure on your own with the simple steps. This feature will not allow anyone to directly login with the username and password. An OTP will be sent to the registered address or phone number which you need to put in the place only after this, you can log in.

Before proceeding further, let’s put some light on the advantages of enabling 2-step verification feature:

  1. No unauthorized user can access your email.
  2. Helps in protecting the data from breaches or other related threats
  3. Reduces the risk of financial loss and bad transactions.
  4. Easily manage the SBCGlobal account and change administrative settings.

How to turn on 2-step verification?

  1. Open a web browser and enter the URL for SBCGlobal login page.
  2. Sign-in to the account with the existing login details. If you find any problem in login to the account, you can seek help from experts or reset your account password.
  3. Select ‘Account info’ option from the main menu after a successful login.
  4. Click to set up 2-step verification.
  5. This option is available under the ‘Sign-in and security tab’.
  6. You will find the toggle button in front of this option. Slide to the right to turn it on.
  7. Now, you have two options to enable this feature, the first one is using your current working phone number.
  8. Add a phone number in the given field. If you have already added the phone number, then no need to add again.
  9. Simply hit the ‘Send SMS’ option.
  10. If you have a new number to add, then add it first then click to send an SMS.
  11. You will receive the verification code on the provided number.
  12. Enter the same in the given field and verify by pressing ‘Verify code’.
  13. Next time, when you log in to the Email login account, you will receive an SMS on the given mobile number with verification code in it.

Note: There is an option to choose security questions instead of adding a phone number for the two-step verification process. If you are ready with the answers, then you can add this as well. This will protect your account from hackers. If you require assistance with Att, please contact Email.

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