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How to automatically forward emails from outlook to SBCGlobal Email?

Are you using MS Outlook on your Windows or Mac computer? If yes, then you can easily forward your emails from Outlook to any of your email accounts without breaking a sweat. To know how it is done, you can check out the steps given in the following section. The email that we have taken for this method is SBC Global login, but the process can be implemented for any other email.

Microsoft Outlook (Windows/macOS)

If you want to set up an automatic mail-forwarding rule on Microsoft Outlook for Windows or macOS, you can act through the procedures that I will describe to you in the following paragraphs. However, keep in mind that the application of the rule is valid only if the software remains open and, obviously, the PC is turned on.

If you use Microsoft Outlook on Windows, after starting it, go to the File menu > Manage rules and alerts (top left). In the panel that is shown to you, then press the ‘New rule’ button to start creating a new filter.

Among the items that are proposed to you, select then Apply the rule to received messages and press the Next button. Then, if you want to set a condition on incoming messages, choose one of the many on-screen options that meet your needs. Otherwise, if you want to forward all the mail, simply press the Next button, without selecting anything, then confirming the operation with the OK button.

At this point, choose the option ‘Forward’ the message to users or public group and click on the word Users or public group. Then type in the email address in the ‘To’ field or select a contact from the address book, and press the OK key to confirm. Then press the Next button twice in succession and confirm the creation of the rule, using the End button.

On Mac, instead, start Microsoft Outlook and press on the items Tools > Rules, in the top menu bar. In the panel that is shown to you, select the Outlook account and press the + icon, which you will find below. Once this is done, you will be presented with some fields to fill out: in the From field, indicate the sender for whom you want your messages to be forwarded, otherwise, click on the latter and choose the All messages option, to forward all the emails that you will receive.

In the field ‘Perform the following action’, choose the ‘Forward to’ option, using the appropriate drop-down menu, and enter the recipient’s email address, using the relevant text box. Finally, press the OK button to confirm the creation of the rule. That sums up the forwarding of the email process from MS Outlook to SBCGlobal mail. However, if you come across any problem while forwarding your emails, then you can consult Sbcglobal support providers.

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