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Common Bounce-Back Errors in SBCGlobal Email

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Email being bounced back into your email account is not a severe problem, but if you are unable to fix it, then it is. To know how to fix email bounce-back error, go through the blog post and perform the steps given in it.

When an email that you have sent to one of your contacts bounces back to your email account, then that phenomenon is called bounce-back emails. If your emails are not getting through to the inbox of your contacts, then they will return to your mailbox, and if that is the case, then it means, your emails are being bounced back. This problem can occur in any email including SBCGlobal email, so if you are dealing with it, then make sure you know right steps to fix it.

Emails bouncing back into your email account also implies there is a problem with your email account. To fix this problem, you need to first identify the exact problem. Today, we are going to be discussing bounce-back errors in SBCGlobal email along with the procedure to fix them. If you are dealing with this particular error, then make sure you read the blog until the end.

We have prepared a list with a series of bounce-back errors to help you identify the cause of your e-mail delivery to the recipient(s) indicated:

  • Mailbox unavailable
  • User unknown
  • Invalid mailbox
  • Mailbox not found

Out of all the errors that are mentioned above, the most common error that results in email bounce back is email is written incorrectly or the inbox you’re trying to send emails to doesn’t exist anymore. It is important for you to check the spelling of the email address that you are trying to send email to.

Other types of errors:

  • Full mailbox
  • Mail quota exceeded

These error messages show that the recipient’s inbox is full and the server will not accept further messages until the user has made room within it.

  • Resources temporarily unavailable
  • Connection timed out

These errors refer to temporary problems with your email server, which in this case is SBCGlobal email server. The server will normally attempt to postpone your message within 48 hours. After this time you will receive a notification if the sending has not been successful.

  • Un-routable address

There could be several reasons behind the occurrence of this error. The recipient’s email address may contain errors. It could also be that you have exceeded the maximum limit for sending emails within an hour, which is a problem that can be solved on its own because you just need to pass some time before you will become eligible to send emails again. Your server may not even be able to determine the correct path to send your email due to a DNS configuration error with the MX records of the recipient’s domain. The owner of the recipient’s address can ascertain this.

  • Could not complete sender verification

This is another common error, which occurs when the username that you are using to authenticate your email account is not correct. Make sure to configure your email app in order to use the entire email address as a username and the problem should resolve.

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