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A simple guide to configure SBC Mail on iPhone 8 email login

Do you want to setup SBCGlobal mail on your iPhone 8? If yes, then we are going to discuss steps with you. You must go through these before trying anything because any wrong step could result in faulty account configuration.

We all know that SBCGlobal mail is a part of mail service providers. This email service provider is providing their services to citizens of US. If we talk of its relationship with AT&T Company, then both companies had partnered with each other to provide better service to the users of this email. This email service is highly reliable and secured which you can access from any location irrespective of your current location. You can access it even from multiple devices.

Now this company has collaborated with Yahoo, a web service provider company, owned by Verizon Communications. You can access your SBC account or Yahoo account from any of these service providers without any problem. Both the companies have shifted the users to each other platform. Though this was bit lengthy task but the companies have furnished it successfully.  If you were using login for signing onto your account, then you can now use Yahoo mail system.

Now coming to the topic, we are now going to discuss steps to set up AT&T email on iphone8

The steps which we are going to discuss with you will work almost on all iPhone models. Yes, if you are living outside the US, then these steps may not work for you.

sbcglobal email server settings

1st step: Open settings of your iPhone from the home screen. You will find ‘mail, Contacts and calendars’ option. Click ‘Add an account’ option.

2nd Step: Select ‘Yahoo’ from the list of service providers and enter an email address and password in the given boxes. You will find description about your webmail on the screen. Click to save the username and password for your email account. Now press the center button of mobile to come out of email screen.

3rd step: You will find email icon on the screen. If this doesn’t appear on the screen, then there is nothing to worry, just swap left or right of your screen. It may sometimes appear on the next page of the screen.

The setup process is complete now. You will be able to send and receive the messages on your account on iPhone. If you find that there is some problem encountering in your account, then get in touch with the SBCGlobal team. They will help you in troubleshooting the problem. If required they may take the remote link of your PC to fix the problem.

Apart from this, if you want to update your mail settings, then you can go to official www SBC link. Here, you are required to enter the details of your model number on which you are using your email account. If you are using iPhone 8 here, then you need to enter the same model number here. If you want to change the theme or basic settings of your email account, then you will have to open your mail from the laptop or from a computer browser, because there are some settings which can only be done through the browser.

While configuring settings on www SBCGlobal Net page, if you come across any problem, then enter the settings manually or set them to default. Go to ‘default’ settings menu. You can download the default settings from the internet. We hope that you have understood all the above-mentioned steps we have discussed in this post.

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