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What Are The Settings To Setup SBCGlobal/Yahoo Email Accounts?

Are you interested in knowing the settings to setup SBCGlobal mail, AT&T, BellSouth or any other AT&T or Yahoo email provider’s email accounts? Well, this blog post is going to make you aware of such things. So, pay a close attention to this blog post or else you will not be able to understand the concept.

sbcglobal net mail

We have mentioned all the mail server settings in this blog post, which are going to work with all of the Att net email login domains mentioned below.


Now, you must be looking for some steps to setup your mail account, then don’t worry. Just read the below-mentioned steps :


  1. On your smartphone, touch ‘apps’ followed by ‘settings’. Then, under ‘accounts’, you have to tap ‘+add account’.
  2. Tap ‘email’.
  3. Now, enter your username along with password.

These steps will help you setup your account automatically, but just in case, you find out that there are issues with the setup process, then you can enter the email address and password followed by tapping ‘manual setup’. After that, you will have to use manual settings, which are given below.

Email manual SBCglobal Email Settings :

Server Type : POP3

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is enter your username and password.
  2. Enter POP3 server, which is ‘’.
  3. Enter port number 995.
  4. Tap ‘next’.
  5. Now, enter ‘’ in the SMTP server.
  6. In port number, enter 465.
  7. Enter your username along with password.
  8. Tap ‘next’.

It is important for you to know that while updating use secure connection settings, you will have to check use secure connection box before doing anything else. After that, you will have to update the port number, as it is also an important thing to do.

Secondly, if after doing all the steps, you come across any problem, then you must check whether the 3G connection, which you are using is working properly or not. If it is not, then you must use Wi-Fi.

If you want to know more about SBCGlobal, AT&T and Bellsouth manual setup email server settings, then here are those. You will use these settings to setup your smartphone for any type of SBC Yahoo login server email accounts.

  1. In the incoming server (POP), you will have to enter ‘’.
  2. In the outgoing server (SMTP), you will have to enter ‘’. It will also require authentication.
  3. Select POP3 in the Incoming mail server.
  4. In the Incoming and Outgoing username, you will have to type full SBCglobal Email Login ID, which will also include domain such as, or
  5. In the incoming mail port, you need to add 995, but make sure that you check the option named ‘user secure connection’.
  6. In the outgoing mail port, you need to add 465, but again, you will have to make sure that the option named ‘user secure connection’.

For more information about Email settings contact At&T Technical Support.